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Flexible Foams

flexible foams

Flexible foams are open cell and can be moulded from densities between 60-500kg/cum. They are commonly used for seating, padding, sound deadening, play & educational, point of sale items and a whole world of general mouldings.

Viscoelastic Foams

viscolelastic foams

Viscoelastic memory foams are used where slow release and low resilience comfort is required. Main applications are for seating and general body support, promotional (stressballs), and medical products.

Integral Skin Foams

integral skin foam

Integral skin foams are systems with an open-cell flexible core, but with a self-generated outer skin which provides a water resistant and tough outer coating. Applications are for outdoor use - from bicycle saddles to play equipment. Densities can range from 200-700 kg/cu m.

Cast PU Resins & Rubbers

cast pu and resins

Where you want something solid then cast resins or elastomers are hugely popular. Low cost tooling means that products can be produced rapidly and in numbers ranging in one-offs to thousands. Pressure casting facilities mean that we can achieve hairline detail where necessary. A dizzying range of materials are available and applications are limitless.



Superskin is the revolutionary new flexible in-mould coating from Urofoam. Developed to provide a rubberised coating 0.5-1mm thick on the surface of a whole range of foams from low density flexible to tough integrated skin. Superskin gives an absolute waterproof, chemically resistant, and abrasion resistant coating. Applications would be outdoor products, marine & defence applications, and educational & play products.

3m sanding foam block
foam camera strap
clay modelling
engineering jig
foam guiness bar
integral foam
integral foam pillow
integral foam pad
integral skin
metal mould
moulding moulds
moulding line
pu moulding making
foam moulds
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pu production line
polyurethane prodcution mould
polyurethane beer pump
pu block
polyurethane product

Looking for a waterproof foam part? Talk to us about our Superskin material...