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Services inlcude...

All tooling, whether soft cast tooling or CNC machining is carried out in-house - allowing clients to modify & evaluate easily and quickly, without incurring huge costs or delays.

CAD Development
Production Tooling
Bulk manufacturing
Model Making
Material Selection

How much does it cost?

In all of this you are mostly only paying for time. The raw material and tooling cost can be significant in big mouldings - but in small mouldings the time is usually the bigger element.

If you are using a standard material that is running on one of our moulding lines then the test mouldings are cheap. If we have to shut down a line and fill it with new material this can take a day and so will cost more.

We are happy to give detailed advice for free of course but we think you will find our charges easy to live with.

What kind of jobs can Urofoam take on?

We are best at 3D moulding in sizes from a tennis ball up to a pillow. We are happy to look at other things and indeed have projects underway outside these sizes.

In terms of bulk production, individual projects with mouldings up to 5000 units per day are normal (if you want 20 units that's fine as well).

Mostly we operate in flexible foam systems, but elastomers (PU rubbers) are possible depending on product design. We also have pressure casting equipment that can operate with filled polyester resin castings.

Concept to bulk in 3 weeks...

We have been known to go from concept to bulk in 3weeks - to achieve this everything has to work right first time (it usually doesn't)
If new materials are being used then this whole process can take longer - it can take us a while to work out the processing parameters of a new chemical system. Usually it's client apporval and decision making that slows this time line done.

  • 1-5 Days

    To produce a CAD drawing can take a couple of hours or a few days depending on the complexity of the shape.

  • 3-4 Days

    To produce a Stereolithography (SLA) model from the CAD file takes 3-4 days

  • 3-4 Days

    To produce a resin master mould and a test moulding will take another 3-4 days.

  • 7 Days

    To produce resin tooling for a bulk production run takes about a week.

  • Extra Time

    If the decision has been made to go down the metal milling route, then this whole process can take longer.

How to get your project started...

  • urofoam product development
    Step 1
    Produce your concept or design with sketches or CAD drawings
    (we can help with the drawing if necessary)
  • pu product manufacturing
    Step 2
    If PU foam or elastomer is your material of choice then it is important for us to know at this early stage.
    We can pick up on design problems that can make manufacturing difficult. We can also
    advise on materials in the context of the product application.
  • pu project costing
    Step 3
    We give the estimates of the cost for the project at this stage depending on the level
    of involvement. A full CAD drawing will then be produced by us.
  • stereolithography modelling
    Step 4
    Depending on which prototype method is chosen we will either produce a
    stereolithography (SLA) model, machine a model, hand carve a model or directly
    machine a mould in aluminium. see our section on tooling for more info..
  • foam moulding samples
    Step 5
    We then produce a test moulding to prove the moulding process
    and deliver some samples for final approval.
  • urofoam production tooling
    Step 6
    Once we have made our production tooling we then go
    into manufacturing your bulk order.
We are an ISO 9001 Certified company

Urofoam is an ISO 9001 Certified company.