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stereolithography model Ideal for producing complex parts in a very short space of time. We can produce an SLA model within 48 hours so it's an ideal solution for quick prototyping. Your project may not be suitable for this sort of tooling depending on the size and complexity.

Metal Model

metal model If precise engraving is required it's better to model in metal, sometimes this can be cheaper and quicker than stereolithography.

Hand Modelling

hand model For organic shapes our skilled tool makers can hand carve from clay. The amount of care and precision which goes into this process is second to none.

Metal Mould

metal mould Machining directly to produce the mould cavities allows you to achieve fine text and intricate detailing exactly.

Mould Production

mould production Using an SLA, metal model or hand model, multiple resin moulds can be cast using silicone rubber processing techniques.
Typically a foam moulding can be demoulded within about 5 minutes. Because of this long cycle time it's usual to produce multiple mould cavities to get a continuous production flow. The good news is that PU tooling is a lot less expensive than plastic injection moulding because the pressures involved are much less. So even with multiple cavities a full set of PU moulds can cost a fraction of the price of a normal injection mould.

If you're looking for R&D or full production services we are able to offer either option to suit you...

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